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Lottie Creator
20 January 2024

In this release, we've introduced exciting new features like file renaming, innovative trimming shortcuts, and enhanced shape selection with right-click functionality, along with an 'animate all' shortcut. We've made significant improvements, including enhanced scale transformations, refined undo behaviors in property panels, and improved numeric input control and SVG import rendering. Additionally, we've addressed critical bug fixes, resolved draw order issues, corrected play-head behavior, standardized default naming for SVG imports, and fixed tabbing and case sensitivity in delete/backspace functions.

๐ŸŽ‰ What's new

  • New features to rename files in the creator were added.

  • Implemented shortcuts cmd/ctrl to trim tracks and alt+[ / alt+] to trim tracks to playhead position.

  • Enabled right-click functionality to select shapes on canvas and hide the bounding box while dragging the scrubber.

  • New animate all shortcut (K) was added.

๐Ÿ”ง Improvements

  • Fixed scale transformation issues and set scale maximum value to 999999.99.

  • Improved undo behavior for property panel and appearance section.

  • Holding shift while scrubbing on numeric inputs in the property panel/timeline changes them in increments.

  • Improved SVG render order when importing SVG to the main scene.

  • Implemented conversion to whole numbers for transform property panel.

  • Removed hover highlights when reordering layers and fixed hover behavior for nested shape layers.

๐Ÿชฒ Bug fixes

  • Fixed draw order issues by moving z-index to mesh level.

  • Resolved issues in undo behavior for the property panel and appearance section.

  • Corrected the playhead behavior not to revert to start if playback is not looping.

  • Fixed an issue where plugin SVG imports did not have default names.

  • Addressed tabbing issues within the property panel.

  • Fixed the case sensitivity issue with del/backspace.

17 January 2024

๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Introducing LottieFiles for Figma Dev Mode!

This new plugin allows you to easily access your animationโ€™s Asset URLs and auto-generated embed code directly within Figma. No more toggling between tabs โ€“ just simply Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V to integrate your Lottie animations into your projects.

Check it out at lottiefiles.com/figma

8 January 2024

In this update, we added custom cursors, context menus, and visual feedback. Improvements include better scene names, and a simplified appearance. The software also fixed bugs related to multi-selection, playhead position, and canvas updates.

๐ŸŽ‰ What's new

  • Right-clicking a nested scene in the canvas will now show a context menu identical to the one in the timeline.

  • Introduced custom cursors to enhance the user interface experience.

  • Added visual feedback on the drop area in the upload section.

๐Ÿ”ง Improvements

  • Improved scene names and transform control visibility with the player.

  • Select layers as soon as they are touched, and highlight layers in selection.

  • Refactor of the timeline component to minimize component renders.

  • Simplified the appearance of a nested scene or a group.

  • Changed appearance list to be virtualized for improved performance.

  • Colors for active vertex have been updated for better visibility.

  • The highlighted node on the timeline will not change anymore when the user is dragging.

  • Updated copy and URLs for feature support in documentation and interfaces.

  • Changed get started Lottie and SVG for a fresh look.

๐Ÿชฒย Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue where the shape jumps out of screen when clicked.

  • Addressed an issue with duplicate items causing confusion.

  • Corrected multi-selection issues on the layers' panel, scaling multiple objects, and unintentional multi-selection.

  • Fixed playhead position when scene duration is updated.

  • Addressed a bug where the object jumps on the first drag.

  • Resolved rendering not displaying items when the root level has a significant number of layers.

  • Fixed a regression where the property panel didn't update after undo/redo actions.

  • Corrected the display issues of the right-click menu on the timeline, including the incomplete display and incorrect positioning.

  • Fixed an issue where the canvas was not updating correctly on keyframe changes.

Lottie Creator
13 December 2023

This is a minor release for General Availability. It only includes a better anchor selection and a faster timeline scrubber.

๐ŸŽ‰ What's new

  • A new anchor selection is available in the property panel.

๐Ÿ”ง Improvements

  • The timeline scrubber is now working smoother and faster.

8 December 2023

With this release, you can expect a more stable and user-friendly experience on Lottie Creator. The bug fixes address various issues, ensuring smoother workflow and more accurate results. The new features and improvements enhance the tool's capabilities and provide you with more control and flexibility. We'll continue to listen to your feedback and iterate on the product to enhance its functionality and usability further!

๐ŸŽ‰ What's new

  • Added tooltips and dropdowns for shape and pen tools in the header.

  • Added fill color when a new path is closed and hid the marquee when moving nodes.

  • Implemented the ability to snap vertices to the grid with the shift key for PathControls.

  • Enabled alignment tools for multiple selections.

๐Ÿ”ง Improvements

  • Updated favicons to dark mode.

  • Removed the delay on tooltips hovering in the sidebar and header.

  • Improved mouse interaction.

๐Ÿชฒย Bug fixes

  • Fixed the creation of extra keyframes when editing a path.

  • Fixed an issue where changing the pivot point would break movement guides.

  • Resolved keyframe delete operations that weren't working correctly.

  • Fixed an issue with canvas size readjustment when closing a tab or reloading a file.

  • Resolved an issue with canvas sizes not being set correctly on file reload.

  • Fixed usability issues with zoom controls, playback controls, and preview player entry points.

  • Fixed layer readjustment and keyframe placement issues when changing a scene's length.

  • Fixed setting opacity for nested scenes that weren't functioning as expected.

  • Fixed canvas size constraint proportions.

Lottie Creator
21 November 2023

With the latest Lottie Creator release, we've introduced new features, fixed existing issues, and made various usability enhancements. We hope these changes will greatly improve your animation workflow and give you a more intuitive and efficient experience while using our tool.

๐ŸŽ‰ What's new

  • We've introduced new keyboard shortcuts for keyframing, allowing you to set keyframes and enhance animation control efficiently.

  • Alt + drag to duplicate layers: We've introduced a new shortcut (Alt + drag) to duplicate layers, providing a convenient way to create copies of desired elements.

๐Ÿ”ง Improvements

  • Implemented platform-specific keyboard shortcuts, utilizing โŒ˜ (Command) for macOS and Ctrl (Control) for Windows, ensuring a consistent and familiar user experience across different operating systems.

  • Relocated the shapes feature to the top bar for easier access and a more streamlined workflow.

  • You can now use the arrow keys to incrementally update values on the property panel, providing a more precise and intuitive editing experience.

  • Implemented the ability to import Lottie animations directly from URL parameters, enabling you to import animations from external sources effortlessly.

  • You can now hold the shift key while applying transformations, maintaining aspect ratios, and ensuring precise adjustments.

  • Improved the user interface by automatically hiding the pivot point and bounding box when modifying values through the property and layers' panels, reducing visual clutter.

  • You can now use the Shift + drag shortcut to create a marquee selection and add additional layers to the existing selection, simplifying the selection process.

  • Mixed values are now displayed on the property panel when multiple layers are selected, providing a comprehensive overview of the selected layers' properties.

๐Ÿชฒ Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue where dragging opacity from the property panel was not functioning correctly, ensuring seamless control over opacity adjustments.

  • Fixed a bug that hindered the dragging functionality on the property panel for compositions, allowing you to manipulate nested scenes easily.

  • Addressed an issue with easing values, ensuring smooth and accurate animation transitions.

Lottie Creator
3 November 2023


We are excited to announce the release of a new update that brings several improvements and bug fixes to our software. This changelog provides a detailed overview of the changes made, including the reasons behind them and the resulting benefits for users.

๐ŸŽ‰ What's new

  • Users can now conveniently add keyframes for multiple layers directly from the property panel, saving time and effort.

  • The FPS setting has been transformed into a textfield on the property panel, allowing users to easily adjust the frame rate to their specific needs.

  • To enhance usability, a context menu has been introduced for multi layers, providing users with more options and control over their projects.

  • The popular Duplicator plugin is now accessible directly from the sidebar, offering users quick and easy duplication of layers.

  • Users can now effortlessly reorder multiple layers by simply dragging and dropping them within the layer panel, improving project organization and efficiency.

  • New shape layers will be automatically named based on their content, simplifying layer management and organization.

๐Ÿ”ง Improvements

  • Nested Scene tabs will display their actual names instead of the generic "Scene #" label, making it easier for users to identify and manage their scenes.

  • The software window will now open as a blank page to avoid any popup blocked notices, providing a smoother user experience.

  • Users can now simply click to update their workspace, eliminating the need for manual refreshes and ensuring up-to-date project views.

  • The context menu copy has been improved for better readability and ease of use.

  • When a nested scene is deleted, the assets referenced in that layer will now be automatically deleted as well, streamlining the cleanup process.

  • Usersnap reports will now include email addresses, and the native Jitsu has been replaced with the LottieFiles event store, enhancing error tracking and analytics capabilities.

๐Ÿชฒ Bug fixes

  • Inaccurate values on the property panel have been fixed, ensuring precise adjustments and eliminating any confusion.

  • Switching between tabs will no longer reset the playback position, allowing users to seamlessly continue where they left off.

  • A bug that created unintended keyframes during playback has been fixed, ensuring accurate and intentional keyframe placement.

Lottie Creator
11 October 2023

In this release, we've made several important changes and fixes to enhance the functionality and usability of Lottie Creator. These updates address various issues reported by users and aim to provide a smoother and more efficient experience.

๐ŸŽ‰ What's new

  • Multi-select shapes, groups, and layers.

  • Improved timeline visibility through shortcut keys and during canvas editing.

  • Playback will now stop when switching tabs or minimizing the window.

  • Deselected keyframes upon clicking away to streamline editing.

๐Ÿ”ง Improvements

  • The canvas is now redrawn immediately when you delete a stroke, fill, or path shape.

  • When removing the last keyframe, properties will no longer appear as animated.

๐Ÿชฒ Bug fixes

  • Fixed toggle animation in the main scene by updating the shape path to bezier.

  • Fixed timescale in nested view and import issues for Lottie animations with one precomp layer.

  • Fixed render order issue when importing precomp.

Lottie Creator
28 September 2023

These changes aim to enhance various aspects of Lottie Creator, including selection management, copy-paste functionality, playback controls, render order, timeline interaction, layer removal, clipboard operations, and user experience improvements. You will now have more control and flexibility while working on your animations.

๐ŸŽ‰ What's new

  • Added numeric suffix to copied nodes: When copying and pasting nodes, they will now have an increasing numeric suffix attached to their names. This helps distinguish between multiple copies of the same node, making it easier to identify and work with specific instances.

  • Introduced new player controls and shortcuts: This update brings a set of enhanced player controls and shortcuts, enhancing the playback experience for you. You can now easily navigate the timeline and control the playback using intuitive shortcuts.

  • Enabled timeline click-drag functionality: You can start dragging anywhere along the timeline to perform actions such as moving keyframes or adjusting timing. This provides a more flexible and efficient workflow for editing animations.

๐Ÿ”ง Improvements

  • Improved clipboard operations functionality: Clipboard operations now work seamlessly even if a copied node or keyframe was subsequently deleted. This ensures that you can still paste copied elements without disrupting your workflow.

  • Removed auto-popup changelog: This patch removes the automatic pop-up feature, improving user experience by reducing unnecessary distractions.

๐Ÿชฒ Bug fixes

  • Fixed non-draggable scrubber issue with selected precomps: Previously, there was a problem with dragging the scrubber when a precomp was selected. This fix restores the draggable functionality, allowing you to smoothly navigate through the timeline even with nested scenes selected.

  • Resolved inability to remove layers after removing keyframes: Previously, you couldn't remove layers from your project after removing associated keyframes. With this fix, layers can now be easily removed even if they had keyframes attached previously.

  • Fixed render order issue when importing nested scenes: Previously, there was an issue with the render order when importing nested scenes. This fix ensures that the imported precomps are correctly rendered in the desired order, avoiding visual inconsistencies.

Lottie Creator
7 September 2023

In this release, we have made several minor and patch changes to enhance the functionality and user experience of our application. These changes address specific issues, introduce new features, and improve performance. Here's a detailed overview of what has been improved:

๐ŸŽ‰ What Has Changed?

Minor Changes:

  • Fix for Scaling: We have added a new hotkey, SHIFT, which allows users to easily scale objects within the application.

  • TransformControl Enhancement: The TransformControl class has been modified to support multi-selection, making it easier for users to manipulate multiple objects simultaneously.

  • Animate All Button: A new feature has been introduced that enables users to animate all objects with a single click. Additionally, a corresponding hotkey has been implemented for quick access.

  • Nested Scene Import: Lottie animations consisting of multiple shape layers will now be imported as nested scenes, enhancing the organization and management of complex animations.

๐ŸชฒPatch Changes:

  • Stroke Color Picker Enhancement: Previously, when selecting a color in the stroke color picker, the stroke would be applied with the selected color. Now, the stroke color picker will be filled with the selected color instead.

What Will Happen Now?

With these changes implemented in this release:

  • Users will be able to conveniently scale objects using the SHIFT hotkey.

  • Manipulating multiple objects simultaneously will become more efficient and user-friendly.

  • Animate All button and hotkey will simplify animation tasks by applying animations to all objects with ease.

  • Complex Lottie animations will be imported as nested scenes for better organization.

  • The stroke color picker will reflect the selected color by filling it instead of applying it as a stroke.

These updates aim to provide users an improved and streamlined experience while working with our application, ensuring better control and efficiency in their design and animation projects.

Please feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or need further assistance.

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