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Lottie Creator
7 September 2023

In this release, we have made several minor and patch changes to enhance the functionality and user experience of our application. These changes address specific issues, introduce new features, and improve performance. Here's a detailed overview of what has been improved:

ğŸŽ‰ What Has Changed?

Minor Changes:

  • Fix for Scaling: We have added a new hotkey, SHIFT, which allows users to easily scale objects within the application.

  • TransformControl Enhancement: The TransformControl class has been modified to support multi-selection, making it easier for users to manipulate multiple objects simultaneously.

  • Animate All Button: A new feature has been introduced that enables users to animate all objects with a single click. Additionally, a corresponding hotkey has been implemented for quick access.

  • Nested Scene Import: Lottie animations consisting of multiple shape layers will now be imported as nested scenes, enhancing the organization and management of complex animations.

🪲Patch Changes:

  • Stroke Color Picker Enhancement: Previously, when selecting a color in the stroke color picker, the stroke would be applied with the selected color. Now, the stroke color picker will be filled with the selected color instead.

What Will Happen Now?

With these changes implemented in this release:

  • Users will be able to conveniently scale objects using the SHIFT hotkey.

  • Manipulating multiple objects simultaneously will become more efficient and user-friendly.

  • Animate All button and hotkey will simplify animation tasks by applying animations to all objects with ease.

  • Complex Lottie animations will be imported as nested scenes for better organization.

  • The stroke color picker will reflect the selected color by filling it instead of applying it as a stroke.

These updates aim to provide users an improved and streamlined experience while working with our application, ensuring better control and efficiency in their design and animation projects.

Please feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Lottie Creator
25 August 2023

These updates enhance user experience by introducing new features, fixing bugs, and implementing user-driven improvements. Enhanced features include shortcuts for export, improved history tracking, visually appealing animations for errors, and a reduced autosave interval to minimize data loss. The overall result is a more stable, user-friendly application with convenient functions like adjusting canvas size for Lottie animations and easy click-and-drag repositioning of group shapes.

ğŸŽ‰ What's new

  • Added shortcuts for Export and Bug reports for quicker access.

  • Implemented Plugins API to expose the start and stop of batch history, allowing better control over history tracking.

  • Updated animations for error states, providing more intuitive visual feedback.

  • Reduced autosave interval to 30 seconds, ensuring changes are saved more frequently.

  • Implemented a curated collection instead of featured animations, offering a more targeted selection.

  • Adjusted the canvas size when importing a Lottie animation based on its width and height, improving the viewing experience.

  • Enabled click and drag functionality on group shapes, making it easier to reposition them.

  • Simplified double-click logic and fixed bug related to dragging GroupShapes.

🔧 Improvements

  • Fixed runaway errors in React when playing animated colors, preventing any issues with rendering.

  • Corrected display of nested scene size, ensuring it accurately reflects the content within.

  • Resolved a bug where clicking or dragging would move shapes to an incorrect position (99999).

  • Fixed runaway issues related to playback and rendering of scenes.

  • Addressed time display issues in the property panel, providing accurate timing information.

  • Updated Creator Menu "Save as" behavior to align with user expectations.

  • Fixed empty thumbnails that were not displaying any content correctly.

  • Reordered layers UI and interactions for better organization and usability.

  • Fixed an SVG import draw order issue after deleting imported layer and a pre-comp import draw order issue.

🪲 Bug fixes

  • Updated Help dropdown with the latest changes to provide you with up-to-date information and resources.

  • Removed the close button on the main scene tab for a cleaner interface design.

  • Updated toolkit-svg plugin version to allow parsing options like maxFrame and minFrame, improving compatibility with imported SVGs.

  • Added color for a saved icon for a better visual indication of successful saves.

Lottie Creator
15 August 2023

Lottie Creator's latest update includes a range of features, fixes, and improvements to enhance user experience, provide more control and flexibility within the tool, and resolve known issues. You can expect improvements in visual rendering, usability, customization options, and the overall stability of Lottie Creator.

ğŸŽ‰ What's new

  • Layer renaming functionality: You can now rename layers within the tool, providing more control and organization over your projects.

  • Shift key functionality: Added the ability to lock the aspect ratio while scaling using the Shift key. This feature allows more precise scaling of elements.

  • Timeline playback loop enabled by default: The timeline playback loop is now enabled by default, providing enhanced animation control and making it easier to create seamless animations.

  • Resizable plugin dialog: Developers now have the option to change the width/height of the plugin dialog, providing a more customizable user interface experience.

  • Shim API method changes for Property class: We've changed the Shim API methods for the Property class by adding accessors. This enhancement will provide better control and flexibility in accessing and manipulating property values. With the added accessors, developers can now easily retrieve, modify or set properties using standardized methods.

  • Lookup hash table for objects and toolkit nodes: We can quickly retrieve objects and toolkit nodes by implementing a hash table data structure, resulting in faster execution times and improved overall system responsiveness.

🔧 Improvements

  • Cursor images update: Updated cursor images to provide a better visual experience, enhancing usability and navigation within Lottie Creator.

  • Refreshed 'What's new' icon: The 'What's new' icon has been restored to accurately represent new features in each release, keeping you informed about updates and improvements.

  • Toolkit and SVG-plugin version updates: Updated toolkit and SVG-plugin versions to resolve default name and SVG rendering issues, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

  • Event listener for selected node changes in Creator plugins: Added an event listener for desired node changes in Creator plugins, improving responsiveness and interactivity within plugin functionality.

  • Plugins shim API update for imports: Updated plugins shim API for substances, adding state history batching. This update enhances plugin integration capabilities with improved data management.

  • Lottie library titles compatibility update: Updated Lottie library titles for compatibility, ensuring seamless integration with Lottie animations.

🪲 Bug fixes

  • Play control and property panel scene time values: Fixed issues with play control and property panel scene time values not updating correctly when switching tabs, ensuring an accurate representation of scene progress.

  • Minimum and maximum value validation: Implemented validation for minimum and maximum values of inputs to prevent invalid or out-of-range values being entered.

  • Layer order maintenance when duplicating layers: Resolved a bug that caused layer orders to be incorrectly maintained when duplicating layers, ensuring consistency in the project organization.

  • Inconsistent scene duration in property panel: Fixed inconsistencies in scene duration display in the property panel when adding animation from the Get Started panel to provide accurate timing information.

  • Synchronized scrolling between layers and tracks: Addressed issues with synchronized scrolling between layers and tracks, improving navigation and ease of use within the tool.

  • Layer ordering issues in SVG uploads: Resolved layer ordering issues during subsequent SVG uploads, ensuring the proper rendering of SVG elements.

  • Stroke width acceptance of 0 values: Corrected a bug that prevented stroke widths from accepting values of 0, allowing for greater design flexibility.

  • Drag and drop copy functionality fix: Fixed issues with drag and drop copy functionality, ensuring smooth and reliable copying of objects within Lottie Creator.

  • Path shape problems caused by hash table introduction: Resolved path shape problems caused by a recent hash table introduction, improving the accuracy of path rendering.

  • Class constructors introduced through function wrappers: Introduced class constructors through function wrappers, enhancing code organization and maintainability.

  • Nested scene skip to start fix: Fixed issues with skip to start functionality not working correctly on nested scenes, providing a seamless playback experience.

  • Opacity functionality fix: Resolved issues with opacity functionality, ensuring accurate control over element transparency.

  • Undo/redo issues with editing paths and copying/pasting edit path keyframes: Addressed undo/redo issues related to editing paths and copying/pasting edit path keyframes, improving the reliability of these operations.

Bug Fixes Features
Lottie Creator
7 July 2023

This update brings a new feature to Lottie Creator that allows you to manage layers more easily. We've added Control-click and right-click options on layers to simplify your workflow. You can now create complex animations with ease, without having to navigate through menus. We've also fixed some bugs, including scene size issues and improved play head dragging for smoother performance.

Bug Fixes Features
Lottie Creator
23 June 2023

We're back with a bang! Our latest release is packed with dazzling updates and enhancements. Brace yourselves as we introduce you to the future of motion with Lottie Creator.

ğŸŽ‰ What's new

  • Get Started panel: To make it easier for beginners to get started with Lottie Creator, we've introduced the "Get Started" panel. This panel acts as a guide for those who are new to the platform, providing them with a simple and straightforward introduction to the world of Lottie Creator. With this feature, even beginners can create stunning animations in no time!

  • IconScout plugin: We're excited to announce the release of the IconScout plugin for Lottie Creator! This plugin gives you access to a massive library of high-quality icons that can be customized directly within Lottie Creator. Say goodbye to scouring the web for icon assets – the IconScout plugin will make finding them a breeze and save you countless hours.

🪲 Bug fixes & Improvements

  • Click and drag to select: Previously, some folks were experiencing issues with click-and-drag selection on the canvas, particularly when a selection had already been made. We've addressed this issue in this release, ensuring that you can click and drag to select objects on the canvas without any issues.

  • Undo-redo function: In some cases, keyframes would remain visible on the timeline despite attempts to undo them. We've fixed that in this release, ensuring that keyframes are properly removed when using the undo-redo function.

  • Update shapes default colors: We have updated the default color of basic shapes to include new shades that are brighter, more vibrant, and more modern.

Bug Fixes Features
Lottie Creator
16 June 2023

In this release, we have addressed several issues reported by our users. Here are the details of what we've changed:

  • Scale Ratio Lock Property: We fixed an issue where changing the scale ratio lock property was affecting other Shapes' properties.

  • Vertex Points Visibility: We have fixed the issue where vertex points were visible but not interactive when selecting a path shape layer in imported SVG or Lottie files.

  • Canvas Update after Copying and Pasting Keyframe: We have fixed the issue where the canvas did not immediately update after copying and pasting a keyframe. Previously, the canvas only updated if the playhead was moved after pasting.

  • Deleting Shape Using Keyboard: We fixed an issue where deleting a shape using the keyboard (by pressing backspace) would remove the shape from the timeline but not from the canvas.

  • Timeline Bar Issue with Undo Function: We have resolved an issue with the timeline bar. Specifically, the issue occurred when repeatedly using the "undo" function with an empty canvas, imported SVG, and inserted basic shapes.

  • Color Selector Issue: We addressed an issue with the color selector automatically moving to the bottom left corner when selecting #000000 color.

  • Lottie Import Undo-Redo Functionality Issue: We have fixed the issue where undo-redo functionality was not working after importing a Lottie.

  • Double-clicking on an Object Issue: We fixed an issue where double-clicking on an object, when another object was previously selected, would sometimes select the next layer in the first object instead of the second object.

  • Default File Settings: Creating a new file will always default to "Zoom to fit".

  • Move Tool Properties: We have fixed the issue where switching from the Move tool to the Hand tool and then back to the Move tool caused the Move tool's properties to be lost.

Enhancements Bug Fixes
Lottie Creator
8 June 2023

We are thrilled to announce the latest release of Lottie Creator (v0.33), packed with bug fixes that enhance your user experience. Here is what you can expect from this update:

  • When importing SVG, it is now automatically centered on the canvas.

  • We have added a version label in the header to make it easier for you to identify the Lottie Creator version you're using for more efficient bug reporting.

  • We have resolved an issue where clicking on the canvas for certain Shape level (Shape Path layer) properties didn't update their values. You can now make changes to Shape Path layers and see them reflected in real-time.

  • We fixed an issue where the mouse cursor would change to random cursors when dragging the pivot point after selecting a shape. This makes it easier for you to select and manipulate shapes without any unexpected distractions.

  • We addressed issues related to constraints and scale ratios, including instances where the constraint link would revert to "unlink" after changing the canvas size and clicking on the link.

  • We fixed an issue where pressing backspace after selecting a keyframe caused the shape on the canvas to disappear. You can now delete keyframes without worrying about losing your work.

  • We resolved several issues related to the zoom function on the canvas for a smoother experience.

Lottie Creator
1 June 2023

Exciting news! Lottie Creator is moving to the private beta phase ğŸŽ‰ This means that a select group of users will now get to experience the magic of Lottie Creator firsthand.

With its range of amazing features, from importing and testing animations to adjusting scenes and animation properties, Lottie Creator is the all-in-one solution for bringing your animations to life.

We can't wait for you to join us on this journey!

19 April 2023

We're changing the limit on the number of people who can join Basic Plan workspaces from 1 to unlimited! You can now invite as many people as you want to your free plan to collaborate on the LottieFiles platform 🤜 🤛

Platform Lottie Editor
13 March 2023

Our latest update to Lottie Editor introduces a new feature – the file edit limit. This feature enables you to track the number of files you've edited on Lottie Editor, ensuring that you're not caught off guard when you reach the limit.

Once you reach your file edit limit, you'll see an upgrade window offering options for allowing unlimited edits. Just sign up for the subscription plan that best meets your needs and the sky's the limit when it comes to editing 🤩

As part of this update, we've also removed the View in Classic Editor function.

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